Remnant Life Network

The Key that helps families control their atmosphere

Remnant Life Network officially started in 1999, after its founder returned from serving in the US Marines after 7 years. Although the story dates and original concept date back to 1989 as Remnant Movies, when the founder was only 15. Even at this age, Eric knew that there needed to be a way for Christians and families to control their atmosphere.

Fast forward to 1999, after the US Marines, Eric threw himself into the journey of Remnant Life Network. Everyone told him that he was crazy, but he didn't stop; he knew it was coming because ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD. While dial-up was the only way to get onto the Internet, he envisioned a device connecting to the TV and the Internet to broadcast movies and shows. This was several years before broadband or cable Internet and many years before Netflix started as a DVD mailing company or eventually streaming... 10 years after his God-sized vision.

Today there are so many choices to stream content online, but now they have yet to accomplish the crucial pieces of all. How do you build a community around streaming content? This has been the driving force to keep this vision alive until Remnant 2.0 & 3.0 (Web 3) are ready.

The next chapters and versions Remnant Platform are coming soon. Where getting to the original vision with updates for the modern technology today. Remnant 2.0 is where Chirsitan & family-friendly content meets community to grow and build the modern world to meet Gospel of Jesus in an instant. While being developed side by side with Remnant 3.0 a decentralized Web3 version to add a new wine to carry the Gospel.

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