About Remnant Life Network - Control Your Atmosphere

The tagline of Remnant Life Network is "Control Your Atmosphere" which is much more than a phrase or tagline. It's a movement that was initiated by our main company Remnant Enterprises. Families everywhere are looking for ways to control their surroundings in their life and their family's life. We're trying to do just that where we want to give you and your family options in entertainment.

Finally over the last several years we have been given quality content that is being produced that Christians look forward to watching. Far too many years we have settled for the sake that its "Christian" so we have to support it, and now we're given real options with quality films.

Our goal with Remnant Life Network is to give concerned families a gateway at one source to watch, interact, and share quality entertainment for their families and friends which is only part 1 of our vision.

Part 2 of our vision is to showcase up and coming movers in the entertainment industires. An example of this is in our Music Video channel. Where not only do we want you to see regular music videos that would be in the Christian top 40, but along side these bring you what really is happening in the current industry with underground artists, starting artisits, and many who might remain local artists.

Over the years our founder has seen just how much potential has been lost to the world, or just lost in general by not fitting the "mold" which usually had been the tradition. This has set the stage for the future of Remnant Enterprises and now Remnant Life Network. We are kingdom minded, and strive to help usher in the UNITY of the God's church; not a peticular denomination, but the kingdom. Together we can accomplish great things for the King, so let's work together to kingdom minded. We encoruage all pastors and members to reach out to your neighbor churches and work together. This is the idea behind the "Community" where you'll be able to share with one another, get resources, and just connect with many ministry opportunities.

To learn more about us please visit Remnant Enterprises the main company's Website. You'll be able to see more about our whole vision, and we pray will encourage you to partner with us.