Multiplex Vision #MV

TV is so last century!

The film and Television industries grew and overhauled themselves rapidly in the first century of it's birth. Innovation once ruled, and now since 1996 when broadband hit homes across the world; even more with the advent of mobile technologies. Why then after over 20 years is Film & TV still in the dark ages and still do business as usual... even more with other technologies being disrupted in good ways? The answer is simple the big names became stagnant, and complacent.

Over the years since our original ideas of RLN we've watched our ideas come to reality with others and their improvements of Netflix and more. Still today the big cable companies and TV networks haven't gotten it together. Meet the new disrupters in the entertainment technology, and as we move into the era where it should go... enter #MV.

Whether you view on your computer, iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, TV set top box (i.e. Roku, Fire, Apple TV etc) we will allow for unlimited devices to be registered, and up to 3 screens at once. While some off the other limits the number of devices you can register, we open it up to our users. We don't just stop here! With every registered device you can start watching on one device, select from another registered device, and with a click/tap switch to the other device for easy on the go watching or just moving from room to another.

Cable/Satellite companies and the big TV/Film companies still don't allow viewing customers to pick the channels they want. Because they want the advertising $dollars with all these other channels, and to keep us paying extreme monthly fees to watch only watch a handful of channels. An average TV viewing customers only watch less than 10 channels in their packages.

TV is so last century! It's time to innovate and revolutionize your entertainment watching experience with #MVMultiplex Vision

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