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Music Video Channel Music Video Channel - A 24/7 music video channel from various Christian Artists. If you are looking for information to submit content, and you are an Artist, Label, or Manager please use our Video Submission FAQ for more information.

Comedy Channel Comedy Channel - This is a strictly comedy based channel opening up the stage for Stand Up Comedians who believe in the high morals of a Christian Life. If you're a comedian and have video of your performance(s) please use our Video Submission FAQ for more information.

RLN Channel RLN Channel - This is a standard syndicated TV style programming channel, and one day will become our main channel for satellite/cable. This channel is for all TV programming from 30 & 60 minute sitcoms, dramas, variety shows, etc; and from time to time we'll show case films and movies. If you have a show idea please use our send us your idea.

Kidsphere Channel Kidsphere Channel - We believe in generational teaching, and this channel is near and dear to our heart. We strive to provide material that teaches your children good lessons, pre-school lessons, morals and spiritual blessings. If you have a show idea please use our send us your idea.

Kidsphere Channel Podcasts - bringing the best in Christian based podcasts for your enjoyment.

Film/Motion Picture Channel Film Channel - Dedicated to showcasing films of high moral character and content while being family friendly. We believe we can be entertained while having high morals. Please use our Video Submission FAQ for more information.

News Channel News Channel - This is dedicated to bringing the news of the world unbiased, and presenting only the facts. We will also showcase "Good" news stories. We want to highlight stories of people doing the right things in life, although we will bring all the news.

Atmosphere Channel - Your Control For Healthy Living Atmosphere Channel - We are the Remnant Life Network a network dedicated to building a life of high morals and being bold for the God of the universe. This channel is a channel specially for Life, Style & Talk shows geared around helping people to "Control Your Atmosphere". If you have a show idea please use our send us your idea.

Andradio Channel - Your Control For Healthy Living Andradio from Remnant Life Network. Get Yours Today. Start Head Bobbin'! We're now offering Radio Apps (Andradio) for your computer, Smartphone, and Web listening. We're providing the latest in Christian hits from the most popular to the underground groups and artists. We will be updating music daily and weekly depending on how often we given the latest music without the need to update your player Find out more.If you want to get your music listed in this app, visit our website for more information to contact us.

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